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On the establishment of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee of Tourism and Hospitality

The Hungarian Tourism Employers Association (IMOSZ), and the Hungarian Trade Union of Catering and Tourism (VISZ) agree on establishing a Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee in the fields of tourism and hospitality.

The preceding event leading up to this agreement was the conclusion of the sectoral collective agreement by IMOSZ and VISZ in 1997, which was later extended to all ventures of the sector by the Minister of Economic Affaires following a five-year extension process and a review of representativity.

The structure of the sector requires the establishment of four subcommittees as follows:

contract catering
travel agencies

We invite to these subcommittees the representatives of other organisations of employers and employees operating in this sector depending on their spheres of interests.

The forming Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee considers the representation of the sector’s interests in the European Union’s sectoral social dialogues related to the trade (EFFAT/HOTREC, EFFAT/FERCO) and in the national economic environment, as well as the assurance of coming to a specific agreement among social partners, the main goals of its operation, based on mainly the statements of Annex 1.

The Committee expresses its request to the Government to create the conditions in regulatory, material and personal terms, necessary for the operation of sectoral social committees as soon as possible, as an outgrowth of a long, two-year preparatory work.

With the establishment of Sectoral Committees the focal points of social dialogues are dealt at the sectoral level since 2003, and that is why we expect the Government and the Minister of Social Affaires and Labour to help the operation of social dialogue within an institutional framework according to EU practice, in a financial, legal and administrative way.

Funds for preparing social partners for the European Union should be allocated through the sectoral social dialogue committees to organisations representing employees and employers, in order to ensure their participation in the process of reconciliation of interests in the EU. Financing the training is vitally important for both sides as the collection of 250 EU measures affecting the tourism sector has already been translated.

At the time of its establishment, the Committee operates in a system of co-chairmanship – by electing one from the employers’ and one from the employees’ side respectively.

2003. September 19, Budapest

Hungarian Tourism Employers                             Hungarian Trade Union of Catering
               Association                                                             and Tourism

           Dr. Ákos Niklai                                                   Dr. Zsuzsanna Várnai
                president                                                              acting chairman